Swarovski’s collections range from the inexpensive and modest to the extravagant and opulent. Happily, depending on any budget, Swarovski has abundant items available. The core of their collection is comprised of accessories and jewelry. Jewelry, watches, handbags, wedding gifts, and seasonal items are all available in massive quantities on Swarovski’s online shop.

Their jewelry collection has all the standard fare you’d expect—bangles, charms, brooches, cuff links, rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces—along with a few more unusual novelty items—pins, figurines and hair jewels.

One feature we appreciated that is sure to be of priceless utility to the gift buyer clueless about color schemes and matching items is the number of jewelry sets for sale at Swarovski. It’s all too easy for a good-intentioned boyfriend to bungle up a great gift due to poor color or shape coordination. Swarovski’s pre-paired sets of earrings and necklaces make surefire gifts for mothers, wives, daughters and girlfriends.

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Generally speaking, crystals make for more affordable jewelry than exotic precious stones. But just because they are more affordable doesn’t mean their quality, fashion appeal or sentimental potential are any less than jewelry of the gem or diamond caste. Swarovski has numerous items in the $1000+ range, but their real bread and butter, elegant jewelry and figurines, rest comfortably in the $150-$350 price category.

Finding a reasonably priced gift is quite easy with Swarovski—they’ll even throw in your shipping if you spend over $95.

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